IPhone 12 Pro Max is it worth buying in 2023

IPhone 12 Pro Max was announced on October 13, 2020 October 13, 2020 the device from the top category of Apple is considered the first and outstanding device in 2020 with its counterpart Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra.

The iPhone has a special audience who love the phone very much and want to buy it and it has a system independent of the global Android operating system, which distinguishes the iPhone with its own features that are difficult to be available in another system such as Android, so we decided to review the device at the beginning of 2023 so that we can provide information to people who want to buy it in 2023.

IPhone 12 Pro Max is it worth buying in 2023
IPhone 12 Pro Max is it worth buying in 2023

Device design.

The materials and good quality of the device make it the most elegant and elegant in its class and among the phones, where the device has a back made of tempered glass and anti-scratches and breakage, in addition to the sides made of sharp metal, just like what came in the latest version iPhone 14 Pro Max, so the overall shape is not much different from the latest version and is very similar.

The device has a quad camera on the back, where the first camera comes with a resolution of 12 megapixels with a 1.6 aperture with a large size of the 1.7 sensor and supports the optical stabilizer the OAS and supports installation through the camera consultant himself and not the entire lens the second camera comes with a 12 megapixel card with a 2.2 aperture, which is for zoom work, and the optical stabilizer also supports the quality of the third camera with a 2.4 aperture, which is for wide photography.

The device screen and the front interface.

The screen comes in the form of a large notch of the Super AMOLED XDR type with an area of 6.7 inches with a resolution of 1284 – 2778 pixels at a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch, in addition to the presence of a protection layer against scratches, the screen also supports display dimensions for 19.9 to display larger content on the phone screen.

The front camera is a 12 megapixel front camera with a 2.2 aperture and the second camera is a 3d camera to isolate and unlock the phone via the face id facial recognition feature.

The overall shape of the device and the front interface may be different from the latest version of the phone because the new version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max does not contain a notch, but contains a wide hole inside the screen, and it takes part of the top in the screen, but the rest of the device in terms of design is similar with the latest versions of the iPhone.

IPhone 12 Pro Max is it worth buying in 2023
IPhone 12 Pro Max is it worth buying in 2023

Performance and user experience in iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The six-core processor Apple a14 bionic five-nanometer technology is present storage 128 256 512 internal storage space in addition to 6 GB of RAM operating system iOS 14 and can be updated to the latest version iOS 16 the overall performance of the device is very good and works with ease and excellent user experience commensurate with 2023 and no complaints with the overall performance of the device.

Battery and charging.

The battery is 3678 mAh and the battery lasts for 20 hours in viewing videos and lasts for 12 hours in playing the internet and continues to work in playing music for 60 hours the battery is good and does the job, but certainly the latest version carries a larger battery of 4323 mAh and certainly lasts longer the battery is a good rating.

The final conclusion of the device.

The device is good and there are not many flaws that prevent you from buying currently in 2023 if you compromise on some things such as the presence of the notch in the front screen and the low battery level are two types compared to the new generation iPhone 14 my final opinion is worth buying in 2023 if you are unable to purchase the latest version of the Apple iPhone 14 family.

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