Leaks of realistic images of the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra Series

The Galaxy S23 family appeared to have leaks early this year, and I will show you an exclusive way in which we found photos of the leaks of the upcoming Galaxy S23 series, which will be released in a few days of the New Year.

We got some information about this series, we will show you real original photos of the entire series from all sides of the phone.

Of course, this is not the first time that leaks have been discovered in this series and in fact it has not changed much from the previous version.

From the flagship Galaxy series, but there is a clear change in the rear cameras, in contrast to the first version, which was released a year ago, Samsung is constantly working on improving the exterior and overall appearance of the device.

It is difficult to distinguish and find the difference between the regular Galaxy S23 series and the Plus version, which are very close in everything to the large size of the sides front glass and the rear circular rings in which the cameras are located, which is consistent with the smaller version of the S23 series .

The only change that explained the difference between the Plus version and the larger version in the Ultra is a change in the rear camera, which is the removal of the protrusion in the camera and has now become a little flat, which merges together the front and rear glass .

It is worth noting that the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series has not changed anything from previous generations.

So if you own one of the series of the current version, it is not necessary to upgrade the device to the next version so that the full details about this phone will be clarified immediately after its launch in the global markets.

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