Oppo is committed to sending 4 updates to the operating system and 5 years of support for sending security updates

Oppo introduces the user interface on August 18 and Oppo is seeking to deliver it to current phones, but this announcement includes a very cool and interesting news.

Oppo will support the program and large companies starting from 2023, the plan is to provide four updates to the operating system in addition to five years of updating the security processing

For specific premium models, this compares with the commitment made by OnePlus earlier this year, and Samsung was one of the first companies to provide this update schedule.

Which lasted until 2021 Google is different with only 3 updates to the system in addition to 5 years of security processing Oppo extends four updates to the operating system and five years of security processing in 2023 to the phones of the flagships.

The color os 13 operating system was sent to 33 models of its lung phones, which improved the experience by 50 percent over the previous version 12 . This allowed to reach three times more users than ColorOS 12.

It is obvious that the set of updates sent by Oppo during the previous months made the Color OS the fastest update in the history of Oppo to support externally extended software from programmers and the return of updates issued to upgrade the operating system.

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