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The best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro for free 2023

video editor Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry standard. Used in countless products, our pick for the best video editing software includes all the tools professionals need, along with seamless integration with Creative Cloud apps like After Effects and Photoshop for the full creative suite.

As a professional tool, however, it is not a beginner’s video editor. It requires a subscription – not ideal if you’re looking for free video editing software or software that offers a lifetime license. And it crashed once or twice, even on the best video editing computers.But there are free and paid video editing software like Premiere Pro that can match Adobe’s powerful tools without forcing you to compromise your creativity.

We tested the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro – from the editing workflow and performance to the quality of the final cut.


Program DaVinci

DaVinci Resolve(opens in a new tab) started out as a color grading application but has since evolved into a full-featured post-production suite and quickly became a favorite. in the industry.

In our hands-on review, we said: “DaVinci Resolve is an app that’s hard to beat. It’s extremely powerful, it’s updated regularly, and best of all, it’s free.This puts a lot of competing software to shame. The only drawback is that such power leads to a complex interface. to Premiere Pro. Instead of editing in one program and sending the project to a separate audio editing application or VFX software, the entire post-production process is contained in a single application. With multi-user online collaboration, multiple team members can work on aspects of a project simultaneously.

Standard version, full of key features, completely free. A premium version – DaVinci Resolve Studio – is available and includes features like neural engines, stereoscopic 3D tools, and advanced HDR grading. You have to pay a one-time fee of $295 / £270.

Resolve is one of the most intensive video editing programs out there, so it’s more aimed at professionals than novices. That means it might be too complicated for some, but it proves its worth as the best free Premiere Pro alternative.

Wondershare Filmora

Program Wondershare Filmora

Filmora (opens in a new tab) is a video editing software package aimed at beginners, making it one of the best Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives for quick editing, but it has enough power to appeal to others as well.

Not only can you work with your clips, but you also have access to three free photo and video libraries right from the interface.

Editing is a breeze (although it can be difficult to distinguish clips on the timeline). You have many additional tools ranging from simple filters, cool transitions, and advanced titles.

Speaking of advanced features, there are also more complex extras like color correction, chroma key, image stabilization and motion tracking.

You can try most of these features for free, and as of this writing, this bundle will cost you $50 or $80 depending on whether you choose an annual subscription or a perpetual license. Businesses can purchase different licenses, but only on Windows machines.

With modest system requirements, Filmora is one of the best Premiere Pro alternatives for low-end computers.

Final Cut Pro

Program Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro video editing and compositing package (opens in a new tab) Mac-only, packed with features. It is currently at version 10.6, which includes a bunch of small improvements and tweaks, making it the most stable and powerful version of the video editing app to date.

This is a powerful and flexible video editing application, with a beautifully designed and simple interface that makes editing intuitive without compromising on functionality. Its magnetic timeline makes it easy to insert clips into a sequence where the other clips don’t lose their relative positions and the splicing process goes smoothly.

Other impressive features include 360° video, HDR, and advanced color grading tools.

On top of that, the new features add some welcome cherries on top. These include full control over iPhone 13 footage in cinematic mode, incredibly easy-to-use motion tracking, and nifty AI that lets you apply effects to a specific part of an image. The

app is a great alternative to Premiere Pro on Mac, working natively whether your computer is powered by Intel or Apple Silicon.

It’s extremely good value for money, and after a lull in the upgrade cycle, it seems to have picked up speed lately.Definitely worth a look if you’re interested in a versatile, powerful, and affordable video editing tool that can rival Adobe.

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